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Zodiac Signs Necklaces

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Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign special necklaces

With your zodiac sign, three charming necklaces to wear alone or all together. Complete your outfits with a piece of jewelry that identifies you, that truly says something about you.

adjustable length 

all three necklaces measure 17.3 inches (43 cm), plus 2 inches to adjust the necklaces


Three Necklaces with your Sign

Wear them individually, with other jewelry, or all of them together. Three necklaces to mix and match to always be with you wherever you go

Have a question?


are the three necklaces connected?

No, they are not, they are 3 single necklaces. They can be worn on their own or individually.

are the 3 necklaces all included in the package?

Yes, you will receive all three necklaces, for only one price.

how long are the necklaces chains?

The necklaces' length is about 17.71 inches (45cm)+ the extender chain is 3.14-3.93 inches (8-10cm), it can adjustable the chain length.

can I wear it while showering?

We do advise against showering or getting the necklaces wet, so to keep the necklace in the best condition.

So it's best to keep the necklaces out of the water as much as possible, though nothing will happen if they get wet from time to time.

can you remove the charm? I want to put multiple sign charms onto one chain?

Yes, you can. There are small rings on the end of the extender chain. You can open the last ring and add as many pendants as you would like.

When you've added all the pendants you would like, please close the circle tightly to avoid the Otherwise, the chain will take off from the circle.

But we do advise, to keep the chains as they are, to not weaken the necklace.