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Pet Slow Feeder-Preventing Choking Healthy Dogs Bowl

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Form A Good Eating Habit for Your Dogs

The data proves that eating too fast can easily cause dogs to choke on their meals, have difficulty for digesting food, and may eventually increase the risk of obesity. Slow eating dog bowl can effectively prolong the dog's meal time, so that dogs develop good eating habits, and form a good body.


  • Keep health for your dog.
  • Prevent dogs from eating too fast to anti choking.
  • Enjoy the meal time.

Two size fits more - Perfect for puppy, small, medium and large dogs, the best health gift for your dog.

Features: slower feeding bowl --Source of the design of nature, imitating the wild dogs foraging process environment, every meal will turn into a dog healthy and happy games.
Eat slowly and extend dog meal time.
Prevent chocking.
Prevent obesity.
Protect stomach health and promote digestion.

Tip: NOT a CAT bowl. Also NOT for Strong Chewers. If FORAGING BOWL becomes damaged, discard immediately.