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PET Paw Cleaner Cup

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2-in-1 design, can be used as both a paw cleaner and a grooming tool; you can use one side of the cup as a standard paw cleaner when the silicone bristles are on the inside, and when the bristles are on the outside, you can use it as a brush for grooming and bathing.


Easy to clean & Easy to remove: The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws; The brush is easier to be removed for rinsing and assembled back.


Different from other similar products on the market, Our Dog Paw Cleaner also fit for large dogs. If your hairy kids are over 40 pounds,  you can choose the XL size. We guarantee that all detachable parts in our products are made of 100% edible-grade silicone material. Compared with plastic materials, our materials are non-toxic, harmless and soft. We do our best to provide a better environment for you and your family.