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Kitty Litter Scoop Self-cleaning

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Your Pets deserve more Care!

The Combination Of Cat Litter Shovel, Trash Can, Trash Bag Makes Cleaning Easier, Easy, And One-Handed Operation, No more spilled litter. After use, the cat litter shovel can be directly rinsed with water. Makes Cleaning The Litter Box A Whole Lot Easier! Eco-Friendly Material, It Can Be Used For Compost Degradation. Premium QUALITY

The cat litter shovel is made of high-quality ABS+PP resin material. Self-contained trash can, convenient and time-saving cleaning. Its smooth surface makes it anti-corrosive, very durable, environmentally friendly healthy, non-toxic, odorless. and long-lasting.


This detachable cat litter scoop is equipped with a garbage bag slot, so you don't have to waste time looking for garbage bags. When you are done using, you can remove the cat litter scoop and clean it with water, which is convenient and fast.

Clean and Sanitary

When shoveling trash with our cat litter scoop set, you can quickly dump the trash into the trash can in a few seconds to reduce dust inhalation. The combination of cat litter shovel, trash can and trash bag makes cleaning easier, easy, and one-handed operation.


Kitty litter shovel can be directly rinsed with water. No more fumbling with shoves and bags, Don't worry about cat litter spilling all over the place during the transfer process, now you can scoop and bag in one easy step. Clean cats make their healthier and happy.