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Dad To Daughter ( Believe In Yourself ) Engraved Music Box

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The perfect gift for your daughter!

This is a beautiful wooden music box with meaningful information engraved inside. 
"To my daughter, 
never feel you alone, 
no matter how far I am, I will always be in your heart, 
just believe in yourself, remember that 
you will fail only when you stop trying, and 
never forget, no matter what you experience No matter 
whatI will always love you, 
Love ,Dad " 

" Harry Potter " is beautifully built into the music box, and when you turn your daughter, it will " wow " your daughter. 
On some special occasions ( Such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.) to make the ideal gift.


  • Dimensions: 2.55 inches x 2.16 inches x 1.57 inches (65x55x40mm)
  • Material: wood and metal
  • Tone: "Harry Potter", John Williams
  • Handmade with love
  • Custom



  • Due to the nature of the wood grain, the color of the carved area will change in the photo.


To her surprise, let her know how much she likes this beautiful gift!