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Mini LED Car Roof Star Night Light USB

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Product Name: Mini LED Car Roof Star Night Light USB
Size: 200*10*15mm / 7.8*0.4*0.6in
Color: Red / Green / Periwinkle / Purple
Material: Stainless steel & Plastic


This product can be used in room decor, car decor, a excellent ambiance maker for parties and romantic occasions, is suitable for birthday parties, friend/family gathering, disco party, car, bedroom, camping.

The mini night light USB can be powered instantly by powered bank, car interior USB port, computer etc, Just plug in a USB slot and done, no switches for on or off. just plug and play.

Small size and light weight. Simply toss the USB star light in your backpack and you're good to go, takes minimal space, for travel, party, camping and more.