Finding the perfect wig isn’t always easy. Sometimes you’ll see exactly the style and cut you want, but what about color? Say you’ve searched and found the perfect pixie cut. You love the bold textures and the feathered all over layers but it’s in the color R829S+ which is a medium brown with ginger red highlights. You’re looking for more of a golden wheat. Luckily, you don’t have to give up your style, we’ve got you covered!

One thing people don’t know right away is that all the styles you see come in many different shades and colors. At, you’re able to browse through color options for any wig ensuring you find the perfect match. If you’re having trouble selecting the right wig, we can help. has fast and experienced client care specialists waiting by to help you find just the style and color you want.

Wigs have the power to completely change the way you look! The perfect wig should complement both your skin tone and face shape. Your hair color and skin tone has a dramatic effect on your overall look. This is why color temperature is important when choosing a wig color!

Color temperature simply refers to a cool or warm tone that a color gives off. These warm and cool tones are crucial to finding the most natural looking wig. The key to selecting wig colors to compliment your skin tone is remembering that you don’t just have to stick to one color! Feel free to play within the color range in your temperature. And never forget: Makeup has the power to make any hair color, your color!

Choosing colors can be challenging, especially when wigs come in as many as 40 different color options. This is complicated by the fact that one’s idea of brown may be different from another’s idea of brown. The letters and numbers in the color description come from a color system called the color code developed by the wig industry based on natural human hair colors.


  • Black colors range from 1 to 1B,
  • Browns from 2 to 12, and
  • Blondes from 14 to 26.
  • Platinum colors are blondes with less warmth in them.
    • 613 is a golden platinum that’s the perfect balance between blonde and platinum.
    • Platinum colors range from 22 to 23, then jump from 101 to 104 which have more ash in them.
  • The grey family goes from 34 to 60.
  • The red family is split between natural reds and vibrant reds.
    • Natural reds range from 27 to 33
    • Vibrant reds range from 130 to 134


The letters in the code come from the manufacturers color key system. These letters tell you how colors are combined to create the color of a wig. We recommend that you check out each brand page on our website for more information about manufacturer color key systems. And remember, if you need assistance on color choice don’t hesitate to call one of our experienced client care specialists to help you find the perfect color.

Have you ever noticed how hair color looks different depending on the lighting? This is because color is the effect of light reflecting off pigment. For instance, a red wig outside under natural light will appear brighter with higher contrast than the same wig in indoor lighting. This is why the hair color in your summer vacation photos looks a lot different than it does in the interior lighting of your home! Lighting is one of the many factors that affect hair color.


The type of fiber, as well as the length and texture of the hair on the wig, can make the color appear different. If you have three styles in the same color, the color will appear different on all three because of how the fibers are distributed throughout the wig. Three different cuts with the same color will appear slightly different as well.


Texture effects the way color looks because of the way light reflects off the curly or straight fibers. When you give that long, straight wig some curls it really brings out the highlights and low-lights in the hair. Color on human hair will look warmer, cooler on synthetics and the heat friendly synthetic wigs will vary depending on the manufacturer. These unique characteristics ensure that no matter what wig you choose, the color will always be uniquely yours. Now you can shop more confidently knowing how to find the color that works best for you!

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